Straight Razor Shaves in Montreal

Men seeking to sidestep the lackadaisical scruff are veering away from DIY hack jobs at home. Juggling blade and jugular is no easy task — those who value their necks seek professional help. Hitting up a shop for a straight shave not only minimizes risk of a fatal slip, but a proper cut can also get rid of ingrown hairs, redness and irritation.

Montreal is known as a city both fashionable and European, yet the options for a boutique straight shave are slim. Rumour has it that Montreal’s finest are found in nondescript barbershops about town — we’ve outlined some obvious picks, as well as tracked down a gem.

Le Pascha Haute Coiffure
The meticulous Le Pascha promises a tight shave that’ll keep you looking brand new for days. Worth the trip out of the city centre, their staff prides itself on adept blade work, establishing themselves as a spa that’s up to more rugged tasks. To boot, their shop sells renowned styling products from Joe and American Crew. We recommend stocking up on your way out. 6424 Décarie, 514-735-1124.

Men’s luxury grooming favourite MANN leads the pack, offering multiple hot towel treatments before shooing away scruff. Toss in a complimentary face massage and two hours in the sauna or pool? Not many barbershops can top that — take the afternoon off. 475 Président Kennedy Ave., 514-395-0707.

Athens Barber Shop
Pretty boys beware: this blood and bandages barbershop might go ignored by the untrained eye. Inside, a quiet, wizened man waits with shears and shaver. No nonsense, far from luxury, this barber cuts close to the skin and reaffirms that sometimes experience can beat extravagance. 4376 St Laurent Blvd., 514-843-7666.

Image courtesy of chrisamichaels

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