The Floating Seahorse

What’s the wildest thing to come out of Dubai’s boat show this year? Did you guess “some kind of three-story luxury houseboat with massive glass walls and one story that’s completely submerged, so the windows on that floor function as a sweet aquarium”? If so, good job, that’s what happened.

Promised by the Kleindienst Group, the Floating Seahorse will be limited to just forty-two units, but won’t just be limited to Dubai waters. Also, it isn’t a houseboat, but an ‘aquatic retreat’.

Anyway. The master bedroom and bathroom will bet totally submerged, providing the world’s best aquarium. Also, it looks like there’s some kind of shelf intended to be a home for coral. At the boat level, there’s a fully fitted kitchen, dining area, open-plan living area, and floor-to-ceiling windows. If you open the glass façade, the sun deck becomes part of the living space. On the upper deck there’s a daybed, a mini bar, a kitchenette, and a glass bottomed Jacuzzi. Kleindienst is promising a 2016 delivery, if the project is indeed possible and not the fevered dreams of a petro-dollar wielding madman.

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