The Modern Man’s Guide to Sneakers & Suits

Remember when mixing sneakers and suits used to be such a taboo subject in men’s fashion? These days, it’s already a norm. But by the off chance that you’re still unsure about the trend, here’s the decree: it’s time to stop associating sneakers with athletic activity. Instead, start rocking them with a tailored suit for a more edgy and creative appearance.

“The key is the sleek silhouette of the shoe and the use of premium leathers,” says Patrick Cornish, owner of Benjamin Daedfyshe Footwear.

The leather sneaker company was created in 2012 as the first footwear brand to design sneakers for suits, paralleling the superstar likes of  Hollywood’ers on the red carpet, such as Robert Downey Jr. and Justin Timberlake.

As an alternative to the more traditional fancy footwear, Cornish says that if you’re wearing a sneaker with a suit, the shoe tone should add a “pop of colour” to your formal threads. Even go open collar or loose-tied while you’re at it, “it’s a carefree look,” he says.

Here are a few pointers on how to properly pull sneakers off with a black, navy and grey suit with some Daedfyshe colour options.

Black Suit – Finley Oxblood

While going with a black shoe is always the safer choice, Cornish recommends something with more of a bold appearance, like Finley Oxblood ($320). “It creates a sophisticated contrast. Moreover, oxblood is such a versatile tone for a shoe and is equally stunning with navy and charcoal suits.”

Navy Suit – Marlin Tan

The interesting thing about navy suits is that they can be complemented with different colour tones as the seasons change. Cornish says to begin with the Marlin Tan ($295).  “It’s an elegant complement to a navy suit. And moving into the fall, I would switch it up to a dark brown or burgundy.”

Grey Suit – Marlin Midnight

Welcome to the most versatile option in your wardrobe, according to Cornish. The designer suggests going with something that will present a sleek shine, like the Marlin Midnight ($295). “Moving into spring/summer, most menswear stores will recommend a tan or cognac coloured shoe for a light grey suit. But at the same time, the grey/cognac shoe combo is becoming so common that a pair of black shoes with a light grey suit seems fresh.”

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Jeremy Singer is a freelance writer and reporter from Toronto. He has a journalism degree from Ryerson University, and enjoys covering all aspects of men’s lifestyle and pop culture. He hopes to one day try on an $8,000 suit but not buy it, because he’s afraid of commitment. Feel free to contact him on Twitter or at his website.
Photo courtesy of dailoPhoto.

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