The Style of Dr. Who

Fifty years ago viewers were transported into a world of time travel and adventure, companions followed a strange man only known as the Doctor into a police call box (Tardis) that can transport them across many universes and moments in history. With fans young and old proclaiming themselves whovians the show still proves to be a hit even after all this time. After eleven Doctors (twelve very soon) we have seen our fair share of fashion statements.

The First Doctor

Known for his waistcoat, long black ribbon tie and brightly designed tweed pants, the First Doctor launched the television show into the phenomena it still is today. Through the process of regeneration we have been able to continue the adventure years  later.

The Second Doctor

Who would have guessed a flute would be the calling card of number two? Plaid pants and a bowl cut are etched in time for this iconic Time Lord.

The Third Doctor

Capes are cool, right? Doctor Three seemed to think so. You have to agree Number Three really could pull it off; although I don’t believe it was the most fashion forward it was quite brave.

The Forth Doctor

Arguably the most iconic Who fashion piece seems to be the infamous scarf. You cannot walk past a brightly coloured scarf and not think about Tom Baker.

The Fifth Doctor

Who would have guessed a vegetable would be used a fashion. Number five decided celery seemed to make a perfect addition to his costume. Sporting a tan blazer with orange trim with matching tan hat we saw some of the more interesting fashion choices from this classic doctor. At least this doctor can blame the eighties for his fashion mismatching.

The Sixth Doctor

When thinking of number Six, you may think of his famous rainbow coat or at least his bright blue tie but his cat pin still holds the test of time.

The Seventh Doctor

Plaid pants and a very questionable vest was donned by the always crazy Seven. His bright printed scarves and interesting umbrella made this Time Lord very recognizable. Some of seven’s fashion favourites such as a fedora and oxford shoes are still very stylish.

The Eighth Doctor

Looking like he walked out of the 1800s sums up Doctor eights interesting choice. You don’t often see a cravat but Eight brought it back into the limelight. Pocket watch and all this doctor made his fashion very reminiscent of Hugh Grant in Pride and Prejudice.

The Ninth Doctor

Leather jackets made their way onto the tardis when number Nine made his way into our hearts. Compared to past and present Doctors, Nine seemed to be the most tame when it comes to fashion choices. Christopher Eccleston played number Nine, bringing a new cool edge to the beloved Doctor. Instead of flashy fashion he instead delivered with colourful comebacks. Jeans and a black leather jacket are all this doctor needed.

The Tenth Doctor

Whovians can agree seeing Ten involved in the anniversary special was exactly what we all needed. His always classic converse sneakers gracing the tardis once more made us hope we could somehow recast him as number twelve . . . well, at least it made me long for more moments with his romantic interest Rose. Ten was known for his classic brown jacket and pinstriped suit, not alway the most wearable but it was definitely fit for fighting Cyber men and crying angels.

The Eleventh Doctor

When you think of the latest incarnation of the Doctor one thing should come to mind. No, it’s not his beautiful companions Clara and Amy, but his always in fashion bow ties. Always wearable the brave choice to pin a bow tie instead of a classic tie has been a defining factor for the latest Doctor played by Matt Smith. I cannot forget his trusty fez, I think it really makes the outfit.


Bow ties, a fez and crazy scarves; it’s safe to say The Doctor has had some interesting fashion sense for the past 50 years. We cant be sure what we have in store for time lord number Twelve, but we can hope for the same flare we have come accustomed to.

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