Top 3 Summer Hats

As you take in the good vibes this season, hats are an important way to upgrade your wardrobe and style so that you can compliment every outfit you have.

Regardless if you have a whole selection already or are afraid of making the first purchase beyond a baseball cap, just remember- keep it simple and let the hat make the statement. With so many choices to choose from, let’s take a look at what the good folks at Toronto’s Goorin Bros. have to say about the top three styles:

The Fedora

Leading the pack is the effortless fedora, which can be dressed up or down. Here, we’re talking about a “trilby” to be more specific. It has a much more narrow brim for the city-slick appeal.

“It’s one of the main categories for hats,” says Ronson Armstrong, Assistant Shopkeeper. “There’s also material fedoras. Non-straw. Cotton and linens. One thing to remember is that bigger brims are outbacky and shorter are more city-esque.”

This style has been adapted to the every day use. For an old school fedora, think Frank Sintatra. For new school, think Justin Timberlake.

(A Goorin Everyday straw fedora, $70.00)

Goorin Bros fedora

The Flatcap

An option that has been around for while is the flat cap; a rounded cap with a short brim in the front.

It’s been originally seen in places like Britain but has also been spotted over the last few years here across the pond, being rocked by some of the top icons in pop culture today like Jon Hamm and Brad Pitt. It’s an easy option for almost any style you’re going for, whether casual or formal. Our advice: just don’t wear it backwards.

(A Goorin Everyday flatcap, $42.00)

Goorin Bros flatcap

The Panama

Last but not least, for men who want something a bit more unique, there’s always the Panama hat.

“It’s another option during the summer with a more elegant appeal. Really good quality straw with usually big brims,” says Armstrong.

Originally created in Latin America, these hats swept the American nation when President Theodore Roosevelt wore one on a visit to the Panama Canal. Since then, the style has been used by authentic icons like Humphrey Bogart during the 1940’s and Johnny Depp, today. And of course, it’s great for UV protection.

(The Don panama, $140.00)

Goorin Bros. panama hat

Jeremy Singer is a freelance writer and reporter from Toronto. He has a journalism degree from Ryerson University, and enjoys covering all aspects of men’s lifestyle and pop culture. He hopes to one day try on an $8,000 suit but not buy it, because he’s afraid of commitment. Feel free to contact him on Twitter or at his website.

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