Top Five Reasons You Should Suit Up

Suit up.

Barney Stinson of How I Met Your Mother has been preaching that motto since the show’s first episode. His reasoning behind wearing suits is, “to distinguish ourselves from the millions of T-shirt and jeans lemmings out there.” After eight seasons, Stinson still swears by suits, even performing a song about his love for the piece of clothing. Behind his almost obsessive love he does have some valid points about why suits are important. Here are the top five reasons you should consider suiting up, or at least dressing a little bit nicer.

1. You’ll Be Taken More Seriously at Work

Have you ever heard the expression you should dress for the job you want, not the one you have?

Even if you don’t have a career that requires you to suit up each day, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to look nice. It’s as simple as wearing a tailored pant in place of a pair of Levis or choosing a blazer over a zip up sweater.

2. It’ll Boost Your Confidence

It goes for both men and women, when you wear something nice it makes you feel desirable and attractive. If you are the type of guy who enjoys going to the gym, why hide the body you work so hard for under layers of ill-fitting clothing? To summarize: if you got it, flaunt it.

3. You Never Know Who You’ll Run Into

It could be a boss, a colleague, an ex, or Scarlett Johansson, but if you don’t look a little nicer, it will make you feel like you missed out on making an impression.

By wearing nicer clothing or suiting up you eliminate the chances of sending a messy impression. Let’s be honest: you will judge anyone you meet if they’re wearing Crocs and sweatpants.

4. Suits Drive Ladies Wild

Superman has kryptonite. Women . . . well, we have suits.

I can tell you with complete and utter confidence, every woman I know (including myself) finds suits irresistible. There is something magnetic about a man wearing a nicely tailored suit. It is almost a weakness, in a good way. There is nothing more attractive than a well-dressed man.

5. Do It For Yourself

Although each of the reasons above are important, this single reason is why you should seriously consider dressing better. You should want to look good for yourself. Having confidence in what you are wearing and knowing you are happy in your own skin is a great accomplishment. After years of awkward years with bad haircuts and embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions you deserve to look nice.

Alexandra Stavroullakis is freelance writer and journalist. She enjoys music, fashion, movies and all things creative. She has a diploma in journalism from Niagara College and works as a part-time portrait photographer.

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