Vancouver’s Best Mani-Pedi Spots for Guys

If you’re like most men, the only time you enter a spa is to pick up a last-minute gift certificate for your lady. Many dudes have a misconception that going to the spa for a manicure and/or pedicure is an indulgence exclusively for women. In addition to being relaxing, manicures and pedicures also boast a host of health benefits. They can help prevent nail diseases and disorders, bunions or corns and promote circulation. There are other benefits, too: the next time you offer your girl a massage, she won’t recoil at your gnarly meat clubs. If the thought of sitting next to the girl from human resources at a nail bar turns you as red as her nails, check out these guy-friendly spots.

Absolute Spa
It’s all stainless steel and leather (no pink) at Canada’s first men’s concept spa. They don’t even call it a pedicure here: enjoy “sports foot care,” while you relax in a massaging armchair and as Sportsnet and stock tickers flash on the big-screen. The service includes callus removal, nail shaping and a foot and leg exfoliation and massage. You’ll be in good company, too; it’s the official spa of the B.C. Lions and Ethan Hawke calls it “the spa of the century.” 900 West Georgia St., 604-648-2909.

Holt’s Salon & Spa
You’ve bought shoes at Holt’s, but did you know there’s a spa service downstairs? The express pedicures and manicures are the perfect way to maximize your lunch break (and leave just enough time to do a little shopping). We promise you won’t feel out of place in the spiffy white surroundings. 737 Dunsmuir St., 604-681-3121 extension 71607.

Sense Spa
With separate facilities for men and women, muted tones and discreet services in private rooms, you’re guaranteed to feel comfortable. Kick back with a sweet Canadian maple pedicure, which includes a maple sugar scrub and organic hydrating mask. Add a massage of organic shea butter and a drizzle of glacial honey, which comes with a glass of champagne and chocolates. If you’re in a hurry, a perfecting manicure takes only 25 minutes. 801 West Georgia St., 604-682-5566

Image by Stockbyte. 

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