Wool & Prince: Wool Button Down

It’s time to shamelessly hop on the bandwagon, gentlemen. Last month, new clothier Wool & Prince came to Kickstarter asking for a mere $30,000. With just under two weeks left to go, they’ve amassed over $300,000. Yeah.

What they’re offering is a wool button down shirt that, miraculously, doesn’t need to be washed terribly often and won’t wrinkle or reek. In fact, the one of Wool & Prince’s test shirts was worn for over one hundred days without smelling or looking bad.

How? That’s just the nature of wool; it’s more efficient than other fibres at absorbing sweat and evaporating it, and it has a natural crimp that makes it resistant to wrinkles. The difference between your grandma’s wool sweater and a wool button down from Wool & Prince is that these guys are using fine wool, which is at least half as thick as coarse wool.

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