Calgary Date Ideas – Creative Dates She’ll Remember

Dinner and a movie are so passé. Leave the other dudes in your dust and blow her mind with one of these unconventional date ideas.

1. Bottoms Up!
Explore the finer points of imbibing at one of Kensington Wine Market‘s expert-led booze seminars. This week: Scotch. Next week: Tequila!

2. Get Rollin’
The retro, five-pin bowling at Paradise Lanes is perfect for some friendly competition. But what ever will her prize be? 403-272-4570.

3. Heat Up
Couples classes at The Cookbook Co. Cooks are led by respected chefs who teach a series of techniques and recipes, and then lead you through a complete meal. This Friday: Crunchy coconut shrimp and more.

4. Be Regal
Take her on a leisurely Sunday stroll through Lougheed House’s historic Beaulieu Gardens, followed by a champagne-y brunch at The Restaurant.

5.  Risqué Business
Push the envelope by taking her to a Saturday night drag show at Club Paradiso at the Village Cantina. Arrive early and get well-lubricated with sangria.

6.  Bogey Nights

Work on your form – and hers – at the Allshots Golf Driving Range. 403-249-6633.

7.  Break Balls
See who’s better with a cue; challenge her to a game of snooker at The Garage Sports & Billiards.

8. Old School
Whether or not your girlfriend is actually in high school, she’ll love an evening of mini golf and roller coasters at Calaway Park.

Image courtesy of OliverN5 on Flickr.


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