New data reveals the exact words women respond to in online dating profiles

What a greater response rate to your online dating activities? Here is how you should describe yourself to optimize your chances. New research shows that men who hope to get women to respond to them on online dating sites have a better chance if they create profiles that are more … Read More

Men have bigger brains than women—who’s smarter? Science weighs in

According to a recent study at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, men are more intelligent than women as a result of their larger brain size. On average, men’s brains are approximately 14 percent larger than women’s. The study used MRI scans to identify the brain size of 875 volunteers between the … Read More

Playing Dirty: How Women Compete With Other Women

Here’s a conundrum: on the one hand, recent studies have shown that not only do women love sex as much as men, they may want it more often and with more partners than men. On the other hand, men are still the primary initiators of sex—charming, cajoling, and begging our … Read More

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