Campari Gets Political

Long-time readers know that we’re big fans of Campari. We like Campari cocktails, we like their annual calendar, and we’ve been nothing but excited for Kate Hudson’s upcoming partnership with the iconic Italian aperitif.

Well, the calendar itself may still be at the printer, but the images are here and they look pretty great. This year’s theme is “the BitterSweet Campaign”. All the images are plays on political elections—particularly 2016’s American election.

Campari is a bittersweet drink; the idea is that bitter and sweet are campaigning against each other in an election. The images follow a very classic election storyline, climaxing in November. In fact, Campari is inviting fans to vote via hashtag on twitter with either #GoBitter or #GoSweet.

Sound silly? Actually, it’s surprisingly wry. Kate Hudson plays indistinguishable candidates running against each other, and it doesn’t really matter whether you vote bitter or vote sweet—Campari will be bittersweet no matter what.

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