Can You Handle the Truth?

Last night my fiancée and I were watching The Invention of Lying, that Ricky Gervais movie where he plays the only person who knows how to tell a lie.

“There would be no marriage,” said my bride-to-be.

Uh, what the hell? No marriage if we all told the truth? What secret could she be holding on to that would prevent our walk down the aisle?

But would you like the truth? I’m glad she has secrets of her own. It’s part of what makes her interesting.

And since we’re being honest, there are a few things I’ve kept to myself, and will now share just between you, me and anyone else who reads DailyXY.

1. There are probably five or six people who are way more excited about my wedding than I am.

The other night my sister was telling me she thinks about the wedding every day, and that she’s really really really really looking forward to being a bridesmaid. I sort of wish I were that excited about being a groom.

I am looking forward to being married, but I’m not vibrating with anticipation about the wedding day. I’m just not the kind of person to get really excited about anything — thanks to my natural personality and nine years of Zen meditation, I’ve got a pretty steady emotional keel, and it stays pretty even during the biggest events of my life.

Maybe I’m missing out on big emotional experience here, but I believe is that staying calm and collected helps me to appreciate the smaller things; the everyday stuff. There’s plenty to notice about life if you slow down and soak it all in. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a wedding to have a sublime experience.

My fiancée would probably say the wedding will be the best day of her life. To be honest I might respond that our last lazy Sunday already was.

2. I am dreading having to keep our families happy and entertained.

Somebody said to us the other night, “Well, just remember, the wedding isn’t about you two, it’s for your families.” That’s already evident, and it gets more so all the time.

3. I have no idea how to get a live, East Coast-style quartet to play the wedding without spending a fucking fortune.

“Don’t worry, I’ll figure something out,” I said, months ago, when it seemed like this run-up was so very far away. Talk about lying.

I haven’t even really started to tackle the problem of how to hire competent musicians for a Friday night in June, tell them what to play and then pay them a pittance. I just don’t know how I’m going to make that happen. I fear my bride will have to walk down the aisle to a CD.

But even if that happens, to be perfectly honest I think we’ve both reached the point where we’re weddinged out and we’ll both be happy just to have reached the end of the ordeal of spending, planning and waiting.

Image courtesy of swirlingthoughts on flickr

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