Your Questions About Loaner Engagement Rings Answered

So, you’ve already done all the heavy lifting and figured out that she’s The One. Now it’s on to the small but expensive stuff: the ring. We were under the impression that you had two engagement ring choices. One: buy something and hope she likes it. Two: propose sans ring, … Read More

The Modern Man’s Guide to Being the Best Wedding Guest

Summer is also known as wedding season, and if you’re in that particular demographic when it seems like everyone’s been drinking the same commitment Kool-Aid, don’t be surprised if everyone you’ve ever met is suddenly getting hitched at the exact same time. But there’s more to attending a wedding than … Read More

Wedding Locations in Vancouver

The good, traditional news is that she agreed to the marriage proposal; the bad, modern news is that the burden of planning is now shared between the sexes. Leaving the dress and flower arrangements to her remains acceptable, but you are expected to chime in on where to hold the … Read More

5 Common Wedding Blunders

Indeed, it’s Valentine’s Day, and we are publishing an article on weddings. Surely, none of you will deny that weddings require more preparation than does V-Day. As well, you’ll agree that, if you haven’t yet made plans for tonight, you’re up a creek and nothing DailyXY can do is likely … Read More

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