Cheap Flowers

It’s not that guys can’t see the point of flowers. Men have always known that a collection of these scented, colourful sex toys for bumble bees almost guarantees a night of raucous amour.

No, it’s more the point of flowers as a purchase. Think: if your $60 gloves fell apart after four days, you’d bring them back and have them replaced. But dead flowers? You’re supposed to buy more.

Yeah, right. Here’s where to get cheap flowers:

Nobody has to see you. They’ve got orchids and other seasonals right by the front door for a quick buy and dash.

Grocery Stores
Typically, excellent selections of scented white lilies, gerbers, roses and tiger lilies: You can’t beat the value for money here, especially if you get them on special.

Convenience Stores

Convenience stores sell flowers for as little as $8 for a dozen. Some of them even have year-round greenhouses. Make a policy of keeping your eyes peeled when you pass a store, and check out their prices.

Tip 1:
The convenience stores will usually wrap them for you at no charge. Accept this offering.

Tip 2: Carnations say, “I’m cheap and unimaginative.” Which leads to…

Tip 3: ALWAYS remember to remove the Grocery/Convenience/Wal-Mart price tag, or there will be no amour. Ever again.

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