Get a Wingwoman

You may not think it, but getting a one-night stand with a wingwoman by your side is easy-peasy. A wingwoman is your best offence, provided certain rules are observed.

Be Platonic
Your wingwoman should not be an ex-girlfriend nor anyone who is even remotely interested in you, or vice versa. You look good, she should too. A good-looking girl on a guy’s arm makes us women look at her, then you. That’s when you make eye contact and smile.

Be Extroverted
Approach Target. Go dance next her to if she’s on the floor, or stand next to her if she’s at the bar. A good wingwoman will have a foolproof icebreaker like, “I love your top!” or “What a gorgeous ring!” Target will be flattered. You will be introduced. The charm is up to you.

Play the Game
It’s high school simple. When you strategically leave to buy more drinks, she’ll tell Target what you think of her. They’ll both giggle. Target may or may not reciprocate. You’ll come back and pretend you don’t see them both looking smug.

Bathroom Time
If you’re ever a fly on the wall, make sure it’s the wall of a women’s bathroom. Friendships are made and broken there. Emmy-worthy soap operas are enacted there. Lipsticks are shared, tampons borrowed, and most importantly, secrets exchanged. What’s also exchanged is brutal honesty. Chances are, your wingwoman’s going to tell Target exactly what you’re after. So if your wingwoman walks out and gives you the thumbs-up, you’re guaranteed a pull.

Communicate Clearly
If you get the thumbs-down, don’t take it as a challenge to try harder. Accept defeat and move on. But if you’ve decided that Target isn’t a one-night-stand kind of girl, but someone you’d like to go on a real date with, let your wingwoman know. She’ll be so proud of you.

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