Financial Dependence & Infidelity


You’re not the breadwinner in your relationship—but that’s okay, right?


It is okay, but you might not be ask okay with it as you think—in fact, you’re more likely to cheat, according to a study published in the American Sociological Review.


Researchers looked at 2,757 married Americans, ages eighteen to thirty-two, who were surveyed National Longitudinal Survey on Youth, which, among other things, tracked income levels and total numbers of sex partners.


Men who contribute 70% to total household income are the least likely to cheat. Contribute more, and your odds go up a little. Contribute less, and your odds go up a lot.

What’s at play here? Well, researchers think that men’s economic dependence might be driving men to regain some power in the relationship. However, it isn’t necessarily a permanent situation; the study says, “As the range of acceptable roles and responsibilities continues to expand, men may become more comfortable with economic dependence.”

The Takeaway

If you’re both economically dependent and maybe not so okay with it, it may be a better idea to talk to someone before you hit up Tinder.



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