Frequent Sex Helps Prevent Prostate Cancer

Want to save yourself from some prostate cancer later in life? Call up your bang buddy. For your health.

A study published in Cancer Epidemiology has found that men who have sex with lots of women over a lifetime—with over twenty women, to be exact—have a 28% lower risk of prostate cancer. According to Marie-Élise Parent, author, “A new partner over time keeps one active over the years. So the presumption is that men with several partners were exposed to more ejaculations. That’s one explanation for our findings.”

Researchers questioned 3,208 men on lifestyle, career, and sex life factors. Of this group, 1,590 had been diagnosed with prostate cancer, and the rest served as controls. Men who’d said that they had sex with more than twenty women over their lives reduced their risk of developing cancer by 28%. Moreover, they reduced their risk of developing an aggressive form of the disease by 19%. Interesting, the data doesn’t apply to men who have sex with men, and virgins have double the risk of developing prostate cancer when compared to non-virgins.

Researchers are saying that more data is needed and we shouldn’t jump to too many conclusions based on this one study, but we say: better safe than sorry. It’s time to throw down. Although, Marie-Élise Parent has one more caveat: “And I would like to clarify that ‘sleeping with many women’ does not mean all at the same time. People must understand that it’s more than twenty women over a lifetime.”

Challenge accepted, Marie-Élise Parent. Challenge accepted.

Photo courtesy of flickr

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