How to Date a Divorcée

With more than a third of Canadian marriages ending in divorce, odds are good that at some point, the cutie you meet at a bar will already have a failed marriage under her belt. If that failed marriage is recent, you’ll need to adjust your game; you are, of course, dealing with someone who’s just experienced some pretty major trauma. Here, how to date a divorcée.

Be Patient
Everyone reacts differently to a marriage meltdown. She may be instantly ready to get back into the game, but she might be inclined to keep things casual for a while. Let her set the pace.

Talk It Out
Dating after divorce is a minefield. She may be wondering whether she’s moved on too soon, if she’s ready (or ever will be) for a new commitment, and whether she can even trust her taste in men. Communication is key in all relationships, but it’s especially essential here.

Accept the Ex
Blabbing about exes is typically a dating no-no. But if the split’s recent, she’s probably still wading through the wreckage. Accept that you may have to hear stories of vacations together or arguments over shared property – and know that she’ll appreciate your understanding.

Be Kind
If ever there’s a time to show a girl just how kind of a gentleman you are, it’s now. Remind her just how sweet men can be. And showing up with a latte on a cold day just proves you’re the sweetest of them all.

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2 thoughts on “How to Date a Divorcée”

  1. Take heed if you even anticipate starting a relationship with a recently divorced person, male or female. They are always going to compare you to their ex. I know, I was divorced over 10 years ago. It may take a couple of years of councelling before the divorced person is really ready to begin a relationsip. Till then, you are a bandade tho the divorced individual, and nothing more.

  2. I think the advice here is setting one up to be a lap dog. One moment they are pleased to be there, and then right after the date, they are cold and distant. It could be intimate on Friday, and then on Monday, there is an email saying they can’t see you again. Who needs that kind of emotional game? The same thing applies to dating men or women who have been in a relationship for a long time, even though they were not married.

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