How to Get Your Sex Life Back

Two weeks after the appearance of your darling newborn, an irony emerges from the thick daze of poop and sleeplessness. Sex created this little being – and now it feels like you’ll never have sex again. Don’t despair. Reconnecting with your woman is a question of patience, timing – and imagination.

Patience, My Friend
Expect zero action for a couple weeks – if not a few months. The childbirth thing is tiring, and there’s no standard when it comes to the immediate aftermath.

Ditch the Kid
Make time to reconnect as a couple, rather than parents. Don’t feel guilty about ditching the kid with your folks, or a sitter, once in a while for a date night.

Fool Around
At first, it may be wise to put off intercourse. Remember the joy of kissing, touching and anticipation. The important thing is reestablishing intimacy; sex comes soon after that.

Her Body
Lay on the compliments; after what her body’s been through, she’ll want to hear it. Plus, breastfeeding might make her shy about her body, so pick up some new lingerie.

Timing is Everything
By bedtime you’ll both be exhausted, so try for a quickie right after baby’s been fed in the early evening.

Be Adaptable
Certain positions might be painful right now, so go slow and put the acrobatics on hold. New props – pillows, lube, whatever – may be necessary. Embrace them: They are your friends. And remember: As always, a little patience and a soft touch (at the right time, in the right place) can go a long way.

Image courtesy of Mother Flickr.

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