How to Sync Your Sex Schedules

As time goes on, many couples realize that their libidos are on different shifts. One of you prefers the mornings, while the other gets a burst of lovin’ energy right before bed. My first advice is to count your blessings: Someone wants to have sex with you, friend, so quit your bellyaching. A little compromise, and you’ll be laughing. Or, actually, moaning. Here, a guide to getting action – exactly when you want it.

If You’re a Morning Person…
Do: Slip out of bed for a quick wash of face, teeth and other pertinent areas (ahem). The onus is on you to look – and smell – fresh.
Don’t: “Woodpeck” at your partner. You know what I mean. Don’t do it. Ever. A neck nuzzle is nice, or a back rub. Immediately grabbing at sensitive areas will earn you a grunt and a rollover.
Switch-hitting: If a clear mind and full tank is why you love the a.m., substitute the evening TV-watching with some relaxing music, conversation and maybe a glass of wine.

If You’re a Night Owl…
Clean the dinner dishes and avoid discussing money or upcoming family visits. Be sure to maximize her evening unwinding.
Don’t: Wait until the last minute. Make your move at least a half-hour before she normally nods off – or even attempt an early evening romp.
Switch-hitting: Early to bed, early to rise. If you wake up feeling fresh – and with a morning romp already in mind – you might find that it’s an exhilarating way to start your day.

Image courtesy of Dabe Murphy on Flickr.

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