How to Travel With a Woman For the First Time, Part 2: During the Trip

Finally, the time for the long-awaited vacation together with your girlfriend has arrived. Traveling with your significant other for the first time can be nerve-wrecking, which is why we came up with an easy guide to prepare you for what could possibly be the ultimate break-it-or-make-it point of your relationship. (No pressure, or anything!)

Last month, we discussed everything you need to know before trip, like prepping, research, boring—but necessary—stuff like that. This month, we’re focusing on everything you need to know while you’re actually on the trip. You know, the fun part. Bon voyage!

Spend Quality Time Together

You and your girlfriend might be around each other a lot on vacation, in the literal sense, but if you have a habit of being attached to your phone or tablet, then chances are having actual quality time together will be nil. Taking a vacation with your partner is supposed to be a time of growth and rejuvenation for your relationship. Facebook and Twitter and work emails will be happily waiting for you once you return home. Ditch your phones, and enjoy being in the present moment with each other. Ask stirring questions. Play fun drinking games. Cuddle while overlooking a beautiful sunset. Those are the kinds of memories worth sharing together—and not on Instagram.

Schedule Some “Me” Time

Okay, so you’re spending quality time together and getting along great, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t each have some alone time. Because let’s face it: spending 24 hours with someone is unnatural, and even the strongest couples will get sick of each other PDQ. Use the time alone to go for a jog in the morning or hit up the hotel gym, or whatever else you need to do to recharge your batteries and get some space so you can return to her recharged—and rarin’ to go.

Meet Other People

Meeting other people doesn’t mean hitting on every woman who looks nice in a bikini (unless you have some sort of an open relationship, then, by all means, be my guest). But talking to other guests, preferably other couples, at your resort/hotel/hostel, not only gives you someone else to talk to (because conversing with only one person for an entire week, or longer, is also unnatural), but it could also breathe new life into your vacation. Through your new vacay friends, you could experience new activities and adventures that neither of you thought of before. Plus, your new pals could be major ballers, privy to the secret handshakes that get you into ultra-exclusive VIP venues, which is bound to impress your gal. And who knows? You might become BFFs and want to vacation together in the future.

The Poop Factor

Everyone poops, and that includes your girlfriend—whether she wants to admit it or not. Some women can get pretty squirrely about revealing certain bodily functions in front of their partner, especially early on in the relationship. It’s likely your GF may have avoided dropping a deuce at your place thus far, but now, whilst on vacation together, hiding her bathroom duties from you is going to be pretty difficult. Your lady’s toilet stuff probably doesn’t bother you, but it may still be a source of embarrassment for her. She might even get, err, a little clogged up (Confession: once, while on vacay with a boyfriend, I didn’t relieve myself for almost a week). So, be conscientious of her bowel movements. Give her space and personal “me time”. Don’t hound her while she’s in the bathroom (you might scare “it” away).  Don’t make crude jokes or comments, and by all means, serve her some coffee.

You Won’t Have Sex All The Time

Yes, vacation sex is the best kind of sex (after makeup sex, of course). But it’s important to note that just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you HAVE to have sex all the time. Whether you’re walking around from spot to spot in a bustling city, trying out new water activities, or laying out in the sun all day, you’re going to get exhausted (this is where the phrase “I need to take a vacation from my vacation” comes in). So if you don’t have the stamina to have sex later that night, that’s a-OK. She knows you could if you wanted to. You know she could if she wanted to. There’s always tomorrow, anyway. (And might we suggest pool sex? Definitely a vacation bonus.)

Brianne Hogan is a freelance writer based in Toronto, something of a humorist, and considers herself more Bridget Jones than Samantha Jones. Though she won’t reveal which parts, she will admit to liking emotionally unavailable men and drinking lots of wine.  You can follow her on Twitter  @briannehogan.

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