How to Travel With a Woman For the First Time, Part 1: Before the Trip

Taking a trip with a romantic partner is a huge milestone in a relationship. Vacationing together is an opportunity for you to learn way more about each other than you even thought possible: you’ll learn more about each other’s idiosyncrasies, how you both handle stress, and how well you compromise … Read More

The Most Bizarre Ways to Find a Date

When it comes to finding love, the dating world sure is a jungle out there. Apps and Snaps—oh my! As you’re well aware, people are weird. We like weird stuff. Weird stuff turns (some of) us on. Luckily for you weirdoes, there are a slew of bizarre apps and trends … Read More

How to Handle a Workplace Romance

These days, when it comes to meeting eligible women, it seems you have two options: online dating, or the workplace. Of course sidling up to that cute girl in the cubicle next to you seems a lot easier than swiping left ad nauseum, but dating your coworker isn’t exactly a … Read More

How to Spring Clean Your Love Life

This time of year, as you de-clutter, organize and rid yourself of what no longer belongs in your home, you might also want to consider sweeping out the cobwebs from your love life. Think about it: when your abode’s gross and messy, you probably feel that way about your life. … Read More

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