Infidelity: The Infographic

In December, editors of an adult toy review blog asked Redditors what actions they considered cheating. The results are somewhat interesting.

  • Women aged 15 – 24 are more likely to consider simply looking at porn to be cheating, while guys aged 25 – 34 are more likely to consider the act of masturbating alone as infidelity. Seems like there’s some weird jealousy/shame dynamic going on there.
  • Guys aged 15 – 34 are much less likely to tolerate their girl dancing with another dude. Perhaps for the male mind, that’s basically a public mating ritual.
  • Guys don’t like it when women flirt (even if it doesn’t lead to anything) while girls are much more likely to react negatively to a female friend you complain about your boss to but wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole.
  • Whether it’s lunch or dinner, secretly meeting anyone for a date tends to result in similar consequences.
  • Both men and women aged 45 – 64 seem much less likely to know what sexting is.
  • That same demographic is most likely to give you a hall pass on oral or anything that can be performed while maintaining polite conversation at a dinner table.
  • Banging is cheating.

Cheating infographic
[Source: Cheezburger]

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