Interview with Trenna Keating

We’ve been pretty busy watching Defiance recently. Taking place in a war-torn and ecologically devastated Earth after a clash between humans and aliens, Defiance is both an epic drama on the SciFi channel and a multi-platform videogame.

Every science-fiction series needs a doctor, and Defiance gets its medical-know how (and sarcastic jibes) from Doc Yewell, played by Trenna Keating. We caught up with Trenna for a few quick questions.

What drew you to the character of Doc Yewll?
The writing on the show is great and the audition sides were no exception. Within the five pages or so that I got for my audition, I could tell that Doc was a real character. They really captured her lack of bedside manner in those few pages. I loved her no-nonsense attitude.

Is it tough emoting through that makeup?
I wondered if it would be, but it is really quite amazing how much can be read through the eyes or with a tilt of the head or a change in posture. I’ve done a lot of mask work in the past so that training very much helped in working with the prosthetic.

Do you ever break out a classic Doc Yewll deadpan riposte in your everyday life?
Absolutely! I can be a lot like Doc sometimes and it has occasionally gotten me into trouble. But I like to think I’m a bit more compassionate than her.

Who’d win in a fight: you or Bones? How about you or Doctor Zoidberg?
Ha! I would win in a fight with Bones. Bones loves Booth and has a family. Doc is a loner, she’s got nothing to lose. Doc thinks love and family are unnecessary distractions. As for Doctor Zoidberg, I think Doc would be very fascinated with him. She’d shove him in a Petri dish if she could.

What’s your favourite cocktail? 
Coffee . . . oh wait, that’s not a cocktail. Well, margaritas look pretty, but red wine is my drink of choice.

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