Meet the Parents: Dos

Last week, we told you what not to do when meeting your girl’s parents for the first time. Helpful, we know, but what should you do? Relax. We’ll tell you here.

Bear Gifts
Meeting in neutral territory (i.e. at a restaurant for brunch) is ideal, but if you’ve been invited over to their place for a meal, don’t show up empty-handed. A bottle of nice wine (in a gift bag) or dessert (bonus points if you bake) is perfect. Consult with your girl and don’t go overboard.

Be ready to answer questions about your career aspirations, plans for a family and socio-economic background. Where do you see yourself in five years, son?

Do Your Research
If you haven’t already, ask your lady friend what her parents are into. If they are avid travelers, ask them where they’ve been and what’s next on their itinerary.

Be Respectful
Your girlfriend may refer to her father by a goofy nickname; that doesn’t mean you can. Even if she’s ensured that you’re intimately familiar with her parents’ quirks, you must maintain a respectful distance, and let them determine how personal – or formal – this meeting’s going to be.

Follow Up
After your meeting – provided your lady’s parents don’t have you rethinking your relationship – follow up with a “nice to meet you” email or call. If they had you over at their place, a thank you card may be in order. If her mom mentioned her love for sunflowers, now is a good time to have a bunch delivered.

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  1. Should I mention my brief straight and gay porn career?(her parents are jolly, lesbian bikers) I think it’s a good idea.

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