Party Etiquette with a Date

Holiday cocktail parties can be social minefields at the best of times. Bring a date to a pal’s bash, and you’ve got to worry about more than just putting your foot in your mouth. Here, some tips to ensure that the woman you arrive with is the woman you leave with – happily.

Brief Her
Information is the enemy of pre-party anxiety, so equip her with as much information as possible. What’s the dress code? What’s on the menu? Who will be there? Tell her about some of the interesting people she will meet – and some of the folks to be avoided. And so on.

Follow Her Lead
If she’s happy mingling, great – you’re free. But no matter how entitled you feel to catch up with old friends, don’t leave her hanging by the hors d’oeuvres; you brought her, and you’ve got to stay by her side. If you’re in a large venue and she needs to freshen up in the loo, walk her there and wait outside.

Lubricate Conversation
Instead of “This is my girlfriend,” offer details – anything that will inspire better-than-normal small talk.

Set Her Up
If you know the crowd, ask yourself, who will my lady like best? Pinpoint your target and zero in.

Leave Together
If you suspect she’s ready to go, initiate the move. A new squeeze may be too polite to say as much. In certain circumstances, it’s acceptable for you to stay on solo, but discuss it in advance. And always offer cab fare.

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  1. Follow Her Lead!!! what a bad title….. real men do not follow the lead of women, by take care of them (only sex toys do) … and what i just said is in accordance with the contents

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