Physical vs. Emotional Infidelity

We know that infidelity makes you upset—well, the idea of it happening to you, anyway—but which is worse, physical infidelity or emotional infidelity? If you’re like most men, physical infidelity angers your more—by a lot.

According to a study published in Archives of Sexual Behaviour, heterosexual men get most upset by physical infidelity (54% of men say it’d upset them, versus only 35% of women), whereas heterosexual women get most upset by emotional infidelity (with only 46% of men saying it’d be a problem, versus 64% of women). Researchers surveyed over 64,000 people on the subject. They had to imagine what upset them more: their partners having sex with someone else (but not falling in love with them) or their partners falling in love with someone else (but not having sex with them).

According to researchers,“Heterosexual men really stand out from all other groups: they were the only ones who were much more likely to be most upset by sexual infidelity rather than emotional infidelity.”



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