Plan the Perfect Weekend

It’s that time of year again: the days get shorter, the work-week feels longer, and unwelcome weather is starting to get your girl down. Stave off the autumnal blues with a romantic weekend getaway. Follow these tips on how to plan the perfect weekend away, and she’ll keep you warm all winter.

Make It a Gift
She’s busy; plan this one yourself. Take care of the details and present the weekend as a pre-packaged gift. The less she has to decide, the more she can enjoy.

Know Your Audience
This should go without saying, but be realistic about what she’ll actually enjoy — not what you think she should enjoy. Don’t take a city girl camping. Don’t take a book-by-the-fire gal on a hiking adventure. Give her what she really wants.

Plan Your Weekend
And I mean plan it. Quality time in the hotel room is a must, but have some activities planned, too. Find out what’s happening in the area. Don’t let her get bored.

Be Corny
Take it as a rule that your corny is her romantic and memorable. Clichéd gestures, like ordering champagne to the room, or bringing her a single rose, will set the tone and win big points.

Come Back to a Happy Home
Make arrangements for the home she’s leaving behind. Clean it before you go. Arrange for the neighbour to feed the cat, or the children. It will ensure ultimate relaxation while you’re away — and maximize your chances of keeping the good times rolling when you return.

Image courtesy of Grant Harder.

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