Kitchen Essentials for Guys

Your past may be littered with empty pop cans and pizza boxes, but your future, we hope, will not be. Whether you’re still mastering the art of the omelette or whipping up homemade cannelloni, your kitchen should be well equipped. Here, six kitchen essentials every man should have.

A Sharp Knife
Buy one great chef’s knife. It’ll last forever. But follow proper technique because nothing ruins a soup like a fingertip.
The Pick: MAC Chef’s Knife 8 1/2″. US $150
Buy it here.

A Proper Pepper Grinder
There’s no greater insult to a well-prepared dish than pre-ground pepper. Get a tall, sturdy mill.
The Pick: Peugeot Paris Pepper Mill (16″). CDN $100

A Heavy Cast Iron Skillet
Your skillet should be heavy, like a medieval weapon, and greasy. (Soap shouldn’t touch it.) It’ll elevate everything you fry – from eggs to steak. You’ll never touch Teflon again.
The Pick: Lodge Logic 12” Skillet. US $34
Buy it here.

A Quiet Food Processor
Use it for everything from pesto to burgers to sundae toppings. Ditch the Slap Chop, and get something that runs as smooth as it looks.
The Pick: Cuisinart Food Processor (9-Cup). CDN $200

A Sturdy Dutch Oven
You’ll fill this with meat and leave it for hours; you want something that will distribute heat evenly. Because a roast is a terrible thing to waste.
The Pick: Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron 9-Quart French Oven (pictured above). US $285
Buy it here.

A Beautiful Wood Cutting Board
Plastic’s cleaner, but nothing beats chopping on wood – and something handsome will double as a charcuterie platter.
The Pick: End Grain Chopping Board. US $44.95
Editor’s Note: A similar cutting board can be purchased in Canada here.

Image courtesy of Le Creuset.


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  1. Michael: We often prefer to link to official product sites, as these usually offer more product information – and lists of Canadian retailers. But it’s a question for our readers, really: Would you prefer a link that offers more information, or a link that allows you to buy a product immediately & easily?

  2. Thanks, Michael & Phil, for your comments. We’ve added links to Canadian sites selling the products for this story, and will keep your feedback in mind going forward, too! Much appreciated.

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