Poll: What’s Your Number?

A while ago, I wrote that both men and women round down when asked about the number of partners they’ve had. The guys at DailyXY decided to test my hypothesis with a survey. Well, it looks like I was half right.

Men lie, women don’t tell: When talking to a partner, 39% of guys say they round down, versus just 15% of women. In fact, 62% of women say they refuse to answer the question, versus 26% of men. Practically no one says they round up.

We tell our friends the truth (mostly): We’re all more comfortable telling all to our friends. And I wasn’t surprised to see that women (58%) feel a bit more comfortable telling their friends the truth than men do (48%). Another non-surprise: 29% of men are trying to look as studly as possible to their friends by adding a couple extra notches to their bedposts.

There were plenty of other interesting bits.

People over the age of 45 are the most likely to tell the truth. Clearly, they’re past all the BS and games. Bravo. (Something for us to look forward to.)

People with very few partners (under 5) are more likely to round up. (That’s just cute.)

Of people responding to our survey, 32% said they’ve had more than 20 partners! When you consider that a Durex study found that the Canadian average is around 10, it looks like XYYZ subscribers are a fairly active bunch.

No one who has had more than 20 partners said they round up. (Why bother?)

One third of men and women say there’s no such thing as too many partners. And the more partners one has, the more likely one is to say that. (Did you catch that guys? Perhaps you don’t have to lie after all.)

To conclude, I contend that questions of income, weight, size and sexual prowess are all bound to be answered less than truthfully. So like I said, ask no questions of this sensitive nature, and you’ll get no lies.

Image courtesy of vince42.

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