Reading is Sexy


The ‘interests’ section of your online dating profile looks a touch sparse.


Maybe jot down a few of your favourite books. New data from Elite Singles says that two-thirds of Canadian singles are looking for a partner who reads.


The website surveyed 1,700 Canadian singles on their reading habits and the desired habits of their ideal partner, including quantity read and favourite types of books.


Here’s the big one: two-thirds of Canadian singles want someone who reads.

Some other key findings:
90% of Canadian singles read for pleasure.
In fact, 38% say they’d read for pleasure every day if they could.
21% of Canadian men say that they’re most attractive to women who read erotica
Women aren’t so into men who read erotica—only 6% think it’s sexy for men to read erotica.
However, 19% of women say they’re most attracted to men who read thrillers.

The Takeaway

Elite Single’s psychologist, Salama Marine, had this to say: “People look for those who have interesting hobbies – and reading is one of them. Why? Because a great book leads to great discussions. Also, your taste in books can highlight aspects of your personality: are you curious, romantic, dreamy? By sharing your tastes you can show and share your inner world.”

Photo courtesy of Musgo Dumio_Momio.


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