Summer Style Blunders

Summertime: The living’s easy, and the style should be, too. However, it seems that making fashion faux pas is a four-season commitment for many guys. Here, from deep within the hearts of many women, your top five summer style no-nos.

Suited to Sweat
We’re at a wedding. I’m a lonely friend-of-the-bride. You’re a cute friend-of-the-groom. Why you’re going home alone: You are sweating uncomfortably in a dark, heavy wool suit better suited to February. Get a crisp cotton suit – khaki’s classic; navy’s versatile – and wear it like crazy at summer weddings.

Never Forget Sleeves
Boys, a rule of thumb on tank tops: They always look better on us. And though there are a small number of guys in a small number of cases who can pull them off, if you have to ask – or you wonder for even a moment – the answer is No.

Who Wears Long Shorts?
Baggy cargo shorts – a frat boy staple – are far too common among otherwise respectable grown men. Remember that anything that makes you look like you’re really good at beer pong is unlikely to win us over. Unless we’re playing beer pong.

And Even Longer Shorts
Are they pants? Are they shorts? No, they’re capris, best suited to dudes appearing in dog magazines alongside their puggles. Or your mom.

Soccer Style
We’ve put a man on the moon and created the iPad, yet shorts-wearing men still rock high athletic socks – or worse, dress socks. Repeat after me: There is no shame in wearing sockettes.

Image courtesy of 46137.

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