The Engagement’s Aftermath

Within minutes of engagement, your fiancée may …

  • Develop  a fixation with the ring, causing her to be unable to look anywhere else. Make gestures with her hands in such a way as to deliberately catch the light with the diamond.
  • Repeatedly take the Lord’s name in vain.

Within hours of your engagement, your fiancée may …

  • Make you take pictures of the ring to be sent to friends and family to look at. Even if she says she’d be happy with any bauble, she’ll be certain to want to show it off if it’s a nice one.
  • Talk about the plans she has already cooked up in her head. She may be the kind of girl who’s always said she’d want a laid-back kind of wedding — something small and intimate — but if your experience of having a newly minted fiancée turns out to be anything like mine, she has plans. Scarily detailed plans. Scenarios and budget projections and ideas about a dress and themes and colour schemes. She’s been quietly mapping this thing out like some kind of Napoleon in an H&M skirt.
  • Expect you to have similarly detailed ideas about a wedding (and she may get upset if you don’t show the same enthusiasm for fantasizing).

Within days of your engagement, your fiancée may …

  • Return from the bookstore with an armload of wedding magazines. “I’m glad I’m finally allowed to have these in the house,” she may say if you’ve made it a rule not to talk too much about getting married during the pre-engagement courtship.
  • Begin talking more often with your mother, who is way more interested in this than you are.
  • Jam your PVR with episodes of Say Yes to the Dress and Rich Bride, Poor Bride.

Within weeks of your engagement, your fiancée may …

  • Engage the services of a wedding planner. This comes as a tremendous relief if you are not fond of activities like discussing flower arrangements or the proper amount of time to devote to a cocktail hour between the ceremony and reception. (Incidentally, shrugging and saying they must call it an hour for a reason is not the response expected of you.)
  • Read your blog about getting married and tell you her likes and dislikes about it even if, by prior agreement, she’s not supposed to do that (gotcha.)

Image courtesy of iLovebutter.

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