The Most Bizarre Ways to Find a Date

When it comes to finding love, the dating world sure is a jungle out there. Apps and Snaps—oh my! As you’re well aware, people are weird. We like weird stuff. Weird stuff turns (some of) us on. Luckily for you weirdoes, there are a slew of bizarre apps and trends to find a date than is just as much, if not weirder, than you.

Peruse our list of the weirdest ways to find your perfect match—or your next hookup—and don’t forget to fly your freak flag proudly!

Smell Dating

Smell Dating connects single people through love at first whiff by sending clients a T-shirt to wear for three days straight without bathing. Then the mixed swatches are sent back to the clients to sniff this week. Matches are made if one clients likes the smell of the other and the feeling/smelling is mutual. Though this new phenomenon—or should I say, ‘pheromone-on’?—kicked off in the U.S., the “mail-odor dating service” is sure to spread like a bad smell.

Maple Match

This dating service is for those single Canadians who want to serve their patriotic duty by saving Americans ‘from the unfathomable horror of a Trump presidency.’ The app has yet to launch yet, but unsurprisingly, it is super popular.


Love burritos? Who doesn’t, right? It’s a burrito world and we are just living in it. So it makes sense that there would be a dating app strictly for burrito lovers. Created by the tech company Zoosk, the app matches potential partners based on their burrito preference, which will make dining out a whole lot easier.

Morph Suit Dating

Ever wanted to don a head-to-toe spandex suit on a date? Who doesn’t, right? Well, then Morph Suit Dating—also known as Zentai dating—is for you. Singles meet wearing full body Spandex suits, and although you can breathe and kiss through the suits, the costume keeps all but the shape of your face a secret until the end of the event. Then, boom! You finally reveal yourself to each other, and either run into each other’s arms or in the opposite direction.


This is for the people who take the line, “Baby, what’s your sign,” verrrry seriously. The app matches—or should I say, aligns—people based on their astrological sign. Users can build their profiles using sign-specific traits and, of course, emojis. Oh, and just so you know, Capricorns are pretty much the best of the bunch. (Wink)


Dog may be man’s best friend, but man also wants a girlfriend, which is where this app comes in. The app allows users to find friends for both the owners and the dog, so you can live out your own IRL 101 Dalmatians situation. Hey, if it worked for Perdita and Pongo, why not you?!


Another dating app based on food? I guess it’s true what they say—a way to a man’s/woman’s heart is through his/her stomach. Anyway, this app is all about bacon, a food that is arguably more popular than burritos. Launched by Oscar Meyer, the app connects bacon lovers who hopefully bring more sizzle to their love life than the frying pan.

Eye Gazing Parties

Get lost in someone’s eyes and fall in love at one of these shindigs where participants get together and stare at each other for two minutes at a time—without talking. Not awkward at all. Later, you can finally speak to the ones who had the prettiest eyeballs.

Ginger Dating

It’s hard out there for a ginger. No wonder there is a number of dating sites and apps catered to single gingers looking to score. If you’re into freckles and pasty skin and flaming hair, then you don’t want to miss out on this.

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