The Perfect Mistress

Once upon a time, a guy had a type. Maybe his girl matched up to his type and maybe she didn’t. It was tough to search for a partner based on a broken down set of criteria, and he probably didn’t tell his buddies too many details about his type. But they’d probably guess and make fun of him anyway. Those were they days, weren’t they?

Well, dispense with that nostalgia immediately, because these days, we can search for women by very specific criteria, collate the results, and tell the world. And Seeking Arrangement, the website that hooks up sugar daddies with sugar babies, did exactly that. And by ‘that’, we mean they collected data from 468,000 men and figured out what the perfect mistress looks like. Here she is, based on traits and the percentage of men looking for said traits:

Blonde (61%)
Green eyes (47%)
Athletic body type (33%)
32D breasts(23%)
White (32%) / Asian (30%)
Ideal level of education: bachelor’s degree (86%)
Single (98%)
Non-smoker (76%)
Social drinker (100%)

Additional fun facts: basically all the men were looking for women aged twenty-six to thirty-one. Key search words included ‘yoga’, ‘energetic’, ‘sensual’, and ‘open-minded’. Also, twenty-sex per cent of men surveyed were open to a ‘moderate’ allowance of $5000 monthly, whereas twenty-seven per cent wanted a ‘negotiable’ allowance, which could be more or less than five grand. We have no idea what the other half of the men thought; maybe they’d pay for services in-kind, which sounds like dating.

So, in summation: your average guy looking to bankroll a mistress is looking for an educated girl in her mid-to-late-twenties who does a lot of yoga. There’s a bit of a monkey wrench in the data, though: at least a quarter of the men surveyed said they cheated because of emotional dissatisfaction with their spouse.

Either way, that’s a lot more then we ever thought we’d know about what some of our fellow men are into. Hopefully those guys didn’t use Ashley Madison’s IT crew, though.


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