The Worst Gifts to Buy Your Woman

It’s true: We love it when you buy us stuff. Usually.

There are some gifts that’ll do more harm than good; the only action they’ll get you is a firm slap in the face. So, do yourself – and us – a favour and, barring an explicit request, steer clear of these no-no gifts.

1. Sex toys
Don’t flatter yourself by getting her your dildo likeness: When she’s flying solo, there’s a good chance she wants something a little different. Rather than emphasize your cluelessness, go shopping together (online or in-person). You might just learn a little.

2. Mace
As a rule, it’s best to avoid things associated with assault. You might be trying to help her defend herself, but this illegal weapon will offer little reassurance. And there’s a very strong chance she’ll use it on you.

3. Lingerie
Too big? Too small? Either way, you lose. The upper half is especially tricky; even if you think you know her size, manufacturers vary, so the tag isn’t a great indication. And no, the saleswoman’s rack is not a good visual reference.

4. Exercise equipment
Nothing sends the wrong message like a brand-new treadmill. (Or a Jenny Craig gift certificate.) Classes at her favourite yoga studio, good; Thighmaster, bad.

5. Cash
There’s no better way to make your woman feel like a prostitute than by handing her a wad of cash. At least, it says clearly that you couldn’t be bothered to think of a decent gift. Or any at all.

Image courtesy of you-did on Flickr.


1 thought on “The Worst Gifts to Buy Your Woman”

  1. Lingerie, hmm, can be done, size must be right, but sometimes a lingerie gift can work well.

    Almost any gift can be bad if you haven’t thought out the details of the gift and know that it is appropriate at this time. There are websitest that can help with the details, including what type of flowers to get for what occasions.

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