The Top 20 Non-Verbal Cues Women Use to Let You Know They’re Upset With You

It turns out that most women won’t tell you when their angry with you – and your not noticing it only makes it worse.

A recent survey of over 2,000 women found that when their husband or boyfriend fails to notice that they are upset with them, participants become even more angry. Sixty per cent of women surveyed say that it often takes their partner too long to catch on that they are in the dog house – with men taking an average of four hours to realize they are in trouble.

That being said, the survey also found that most women would be far more likely to “drop subtle hints” that they were upset than to have more noticeable “brash reactions.”

Said, Louise Harper-King, of who carried out the study, “From this research we gained an interesting insight into the female psyche, where a lot of women will have the same attitude when they’re mad.”

Most of the ways that women express their anger with their partner are done without ever saying a word about what is actually bothering them. (So, maybe it’s not entirely fair that their anger increases when it takes their partner too long to notice the problem.)

In the interest of relationship peace everywhere, the study also uncovered the most common “subtle hints” that women are most likely to drop when they are angry with their partner. So, here’s what to watch out for. (You’re welcome.)

20 warning signs women use to tell you that you are in the doghouse

    Giving short responses such as “I’m fine” when asked how she is or about her day.
    Going to bed early to read.
    Rolling over in bed rather than the usual spooning.
    Not responding to your gestures of affection.
    Leaving the house without kissing goodbye.
    Not replying to your messages as quickly as normal.
    Doing chores (and slamming things around) rather than sitting down to watch TV.
    Slamming the doors.
    Withholding sex.
    Not waiting up for you to get in after you’ve been out at night.
    Spending all evening on the phone with friends rather than spending time with you.
    Locking the bathroom door when showering.
    Hogging the bed.
    Watching a movie or TV show she knows you hate but refusing to change it.
    Watching the next episode of a TV series you were watching together without you.
    Using up the last of the milk or bread and not buying more.
    Putting on her pyjamas and taking off make-up before you get home from work.
    Leaving your favourite beer out of the fridge to get warm.
    Staying at her parents’ or friend’s house overnight.
    Changing her screensaver or wallpaper on her phone from a picture of you to someone else.

What gets men in the doghouse in the first place? The most common irritant for the women surveyed was when their partner only pretends to be listening to them talk, while surreptitiously watching television instead.

How do they get out of it? One quarter (25 per cent) of men becoming more affectionate, and twenty per cent try using sweet talk to find out why they’re in trouble. One in ten men will earn forgiveness by buying flowers for their partner.

However, the most successful way of the doghouse turns out to be the simplest. For nearly half of men in trouble (48 per cent) offering an honest apology is the best strategy when they realize their have upset their girlfriend.

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