Why the Three-Day Rule is Lame

It’s an age-old story: Boy sees girl, girl is a 10 (without beer goggles). Boy accidentally elbows girl’s chest and girl takes the opportunity to introduce herself. (Okay, that last part may not be age-old – but it can be a good way to pick up.)

Say you are that lucky boy. You’re having a great night with your perfect 10. You connect well and after several pints, you decide to go home together. Next question: When it comes time to part ways, do you ask for her number? Yes. But only if you plan to call – and call soon. Not two weeks later. So when, exactly, should you call?

Boys, the three-to-seven day rule is lame. If she liked you, she’s waiting for your call. She’s telling her friends about the great guy she met last night. When you call, the last thing she’s going to think is, “Damn, this boy is too much.” Send her a dozen roses, or carve both of your initials on a piece of driftwood, and she may worry. But a quick call or text checking on the status of her hangover, and she’ll just be impressed that you had the balls to follow through.

If, however, you have no intention of calling, don’t ask for her number. Just don’t. Asking for her number and never calling doesn’t make you a nice guy – it makes you the cowardly jerk she’s now complaining about to her girlfriends. Which guy would you rather be?

Image courtesy of Jerrycharlotte.

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