Women With More Male Friends Get More Sex

Women who hang out with more male friends, have more male co-workers, or just have more men in their lives in general get more sex from their boyfriends.

A study published in the Journal of Comparative Psychology has found that boyfriends of women with lots of male influence tend to have more sex because they fear ‘sex rivals’. Researchers surveyed 393 men in committed heterosexual relationships in order to arrive at the finding. Researchers write, “The results indicate that men whose in-pair partner has more male coworkers and friends (i.e., potential sexual rivals) also perform more frequent in-pair copulations, but only among men who perceive their partner to be particularly attractive relative to assessments of partners by other men in the sample.”

Sadly, the researchers did not say whether men who are friends with lots of women also got laid more. Hopefully they’ll look into this soon, because otherwise we’re wasting a lot of time listening to talk about feelings.

Photo courtesy of flickr.

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