5 Cool Projects from The Maker’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

Like to build cool stuff and prepare for a zombie apocalypse? Then The Maker’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse ($30) is the book for you. It’s chock-full of cool projects for people who like tinkering, building, and programing—or for people who want to learn those things.

Each project tells you what you need where you might find it, and gives complete step-by-step instructions that includes design, fabrication, installation, programming, and more. You can also expect some troubleshooting and plenty of diagrams and pictures.

This is just a quick list of our favourite projects. There’s actually twenty projects, along with a section about the parts you’ll need and a rundown of some basic skills, like stripping wires and soldering.

Passive Infrared Zombie Detector

This detector will sense movement of heat. When the the PIR sensor is triggered, an LCD display shows you a message.

Items: Ardunio, ardunio screwshield, PIR module, small alligator clip leads, 3-core cable wire, terminal block.

Remote Door Lock

This project is actually two in one. First, it changes a door lock into an electromagnetic lock, which you can open with a button. Second, you can add a remote control to unlock the door.

Items: an electric wood drill, hammer, chisel, electrical door latch, fuse, push button, button box, terminal blocks, double-core wire, RF remote control.

Temperature Alarm

Since our hypothetical zombie apocalypse involves a beer cellar that must remain at 10°C, a temperature alarm is in order.

Items: TMP36 temperature sensor, three-core wire, heatshrink.

Arduino Flash Distractor

Your zombie hideout will probably need traps and whatnot, so this flash distractor will throw off the mindless horde for awhile. Or, at least, make the zombie apocalypse look like a music video shoot.

Items: Arduino uno, relay shield, disposable cameras, 9V battery, 9V Arduino battery lead, double-core wire, gaffer or electrical tape, resistor.

Arduino Morse Code Beacon

If the climax of Air Force One taught us anything, it’s that morse code is an important thing to learn and can save the day. This project doesn’t just give you a programmable beacon to transite your message, it lets you type out your message in English and translates it into morse code for you.

Items: Arduino, screwshield, resistor, MOSFET, MR16 LED lamps, MR16 lamp sockets, terminal block, 9V Arduino battery lead, wire.



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