So, Who’s Good at Texting & Driving?

Think you’re good enough at driving that you can handle a few texts? Think again.

A study published in Accident Analysis and Prevention has found that pretty much everyone is terrible at texting and driving—particularly older, seasoned drivers. Researchers had a group of fifty people, ages eighteen to fifty-nine, take turns in a driving simulator (so as to not actually kill anyone). Half the participants described themselves as good, frequent, and able-to-text-single-handed texters, and the other half not so much. The researchers then sent their test participants text messages, asking simple questions like favourite colour.

Pretty much everyone began crossing lanes when reading or sending texts. However, the group that did worst of all was the older, prolific texters.

So, keep this in mind: it doesn’t matter how many years experience you have behind the wheel. It doesn’t matter how old you are. It doesn’t matter how good you are at texting. Don’t do it behind the wheel.

Now one more time: Werner Herzog’s terrifying texting and driving documentary.


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