Want Ace Frehley To Be Your Best Man?

Ace Frehley is renting himself out to newlyweds for a special weekend in October. The former Kiss guitarist can be your best man or walk the bride down the aisle for just US$6,000. The Ace Frehley Wedding Experience will be offered at the Kiss Rock and Roll Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada, … Read More

Man Walking Dog

Who Keeps The Pet When Couples Divorce?

Most people treat their pets as family members. When a couple divorces, it can be difficult to negotiate who gets custody of the dog or cat. Canadian law states that pets are property. A new law in California is allowing judges to approach the issue similarly to child custody battles. … Read More

Unhappy man

Men Unhappier Than Women After Divorce

People get divorced because they’re unhappy in their relationships and they feel they deserve more. But many are also unhappy after the papers are signed. And men, it seems, struggle more to remain upbeat than women. Men who have been separated after marriage aren’t as happy as their female counterparts, … Read More

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