A Chat with Erin Cebula

The second installment in our series on smokin’ hot woman broadcasters focuses on Erin Cebula. West Coast correspondent for ET Canada, host of Global Vancouver’s Etc… and HGTV’s Makeover Wish, this closet tomboy and Björk enthusiast is busy. But Cebula, voted by readers of WE as the “local celebrity they’d most like to date” nonetheless made time for the guys at XYVR. Yes, we’re that good…

XYVR: How did you end up in your current gig?

Erin: I graduated from BCIT planning to be an editor but realized I was far too social to be locked in a dark room all day. I cut music videos and docs for about four years before I made the transition. The “on-camera” stuff was a bit of a fluke… I literally stepped into a role about nine years ago that someone else backed out of. Glamorous, isn’t it?

XYVR: What do you like most about your job?
Erin: I’m a variety junky, and reporting is the perfect gig for someone with an insatiable appetite for new stuff.

XYVR: Best thing about living and working in Vancouver?

Erin: When you grow up here you’re guaranteed to have a great posse and I do. I’m also forgiven for being “casual” on TV.

XYVR: Worst thing about living and working in Vancouver?
Erin: It’s a pretty small pond, and you can run into the same crazies again and again.

XYVR: Who was the first boy you ever kissed? Did you kiss him or did he kiss you?

Erin: His name was Mario. I was in Grade 6. He was in Grade 7. I’m pretty sure he kissed me, but I’m still not sure why. I had a brush cut and a serious paunch.

XYVR: What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?
Erin: A muscle man from my gym took me to Yaletown and ordered for me! Can you believe that still happens in this day and age?

XYVR: What qualities do you look for in a man?
Erin: He must have a sense of adventure, a decent palate, and great forearms.

XYVR: Your ideal weekend?

Erin: A sexy dinner with my husband (who just happens to have great forearms), down time with my dog, dancing with the girls, and a few turns on the mountain.

XYVR: Favourite draft beer?
Erin: Hoegaarden.

XYVR: Complete the sentence. Heaven is…
Erin: A good hair day and a full belly.

XYVR: Complete the sentence. Hell is…
Erin: Fast food.

XYVR: Shower or bath?
Erin: I have a bath when I’m fragile, and shower when I’m feeling feisty!

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