Nice to Smell You

As much as I love good cologne on a guy, the best-smelling men never douse themselves in perfume because they know it’s hard to kiss a girl when her eyes are stinging from the vapours of “sexy.” People are extremely responsive to scent – we even possess a sensitive nerve, called nerve O, that is used to identify sexual cues from our potential partners based on smell. You don’t want to beat us over the head with an olfactory hammer, do you? Our “O” nerve will read that as desperate right away.

Here are five ways on how to subtly and successfully get your pheromones on:

Enlist a girl
When shopping for new cologne, go with a female friend to help you. To doubly ensure you’ll be God’s gift to noses, ask the girls at the counter to give you their opinion.

Spray sparingly
Go for your wrists and around your collar. Do not go near your pits with perfume. Do not spray your crotch.

Do it like a Victorian
Wrap a batch of your business cards in a piece of cloth and spray the perfume (that you bought while shopping with a girl friend) to gently infuse the paper with your signature scent. This is how you can imprint your smell in our memory.

Reveal yourself
If you want to keep her, let her smell the natural you – women love men who are clean but smell like… men. Research shows women are most attracted to the smell of men whose genetic make-up is different from theirs.

Avoid Eau de Booze & Cigarettes
It’s bad enough that you’re a drunk smoker, but you’ll make it worse if you try to cover it with perfume. The deadly combination of all three will almost always ferment itself into your clothes and skin and not leave you for a very long time, unlike the girl you just tried to score.

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