Toronto Paintball Spots

Get out your old army fatigues. It’s time for urban combat. And the only things to get spilled are the paint and the glory.

Sgt. Splatter’s
Canada’s largest indoor field gives players the feeling of actual war. At 35,000 sq. feet, the sandy two-level expanse is littered with buildings and vehicles for cover. Up to 20 different game scenarios can be played for the ultimate plot variety. 54 Wingold Ave., North York, (416) 781-0991.

Eastie Boyz
This indoor artificial turf field is perfect for running and soft enough to slide or dive on. It is full of bunkers for your team to spread out and strategize the takeover. Games are straightforward and fast but exhilarating. 20 Lockport Ave., Etobicoke, (416) 233-5888.

Area 51 Paintball Park
This well-lit indoor field is crowded with obstacles everywhere and two-storey buildings. Test your war pedigree in games like Capture the Flag, Sniper, Attack and Defend and Elimination. 75-B Carl Hall Road (Downsview Park), North York, (416) 636-0657.

Next Paintball
The layout of this indoor field changes by the week and has adjustable lighting for an altered mood. There is an assortment of scattered inflatable bunkers to hide your movements over the 10,000 sq. feet of artificial turf. 645 Kingston Road, Pickering, 1-888-236-6090.

Paintball Nation

This indoor field looks like something right out of a war flick. Make your way over the gravelly terrain to the sniper towers to pick off the enemy before they advance. 6200 Ordan Drive, Mississauga, (905) 795-8866.

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