Great Montreal Comic Book Shops

With the influx of superhero movies over the past few years, it would be an understatement to say that there’s a renewed interest in comic books. As a form of storytelling, comics are truly unique. Often nuanced with politics, class struggle, and dysfunctional families, they give insight into the everyday with a popular twist. Whether you’re looking forward to picking up the first issue featuring the new bi-racial Spider Man or a chapbook by a local artist, Montreal has you covered.

Drawn & Quarterly
Both a publishing house and a book store, D+Q stocks comics by their own roster of world-class cartoonists as well as local and international talent. Chris Oliveros, founder and publisher, claims to focus on comics with editorial and journalistic content, pushing for books with an intelligent agenda. If your taste in literature includes creative non-fiction or literary journalism, you’re sure to find something to take home. 211 Bernard St. W., 514-279-2224.

Le Pressier
A solution to the difficulties that independent publishers face, Le Pressier acts as a distribution hub for carefully crafted, limited run zines, artist books, and comics.  Boasting a large selection of both French and English publications, the shop is well known for its diversity and European flair. We recommend any books from their tongue-in-cheek erotica series. Online only, 418-561-3154.

Carsley’s Comics
Located in downtown Montreal, Carsley’s is perfect if you’re looking for reading material on your lunch break. Stocked with over fifty thousand back issues, this shop has a number of rare, out-of-print comics that are sure to peak the interests of collectors and first-timers alike. They carry favourites such as The Amazing Spider-Man, and receive new releases every week, so it never hurts to stop in and browse their shelves. 1117 St. Catherine St. W., 514-289-9761.

Millenium Comics
Found on the border of the Plateau and Mile End, Millenium Comics offers a balance of superhero blockbusters, independent publishers, as well as an assortment of Japanese-style publications. If you’re looking to reignite your interest in comics — perhaps you had a favourite from your childhood — Millenium stocks a large number of trade paperbacks that anthologize old issues into a larger volume. Be sure to check out their website to get a sense of their supply and competitive prices. 451 Marie-Anne St. E., 514-284-0358.

Librairie Astro
The small, homey bookstore carries new, used and collectible issues so there is something of interest to everyone. Astro’s staff is incredibly knowledgeable and loves to help newcomers figure out which series fits their interests. Coming up in September is Libraire Astro’s annual 9-9-9 sale. Beginning September 1st, the prices on all bin comics drop by 10% per day so be sure to mark off that week on your calendar. 1844 St Catherine St. W.,  514-932-1139.


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  1. You forgot Port de tête on Mont-Royal ave east between St-Denis and St-Laurent which has recently expanded it’s comic book section (looks like they took over Fichtre’s inventory). Renaud-Bray also has a good collection of european comics.

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