How to Crash a TIFF Party

Forget the films. The Toronto International Film Festival, which kicks off tomorrow, is legendary for its lavish parties, where A-listers rub elbows with wannabes and hangers on. Countless mainstream media outlets are telling you where the parties are. We’ve gone further – picking the brains of National Post gossip columnist Shinan Govani, whose novel, Boldface Names, came out last week, and legendary sneaker-inner Lionel Rodia, whose triumphs include a Super Bowl and a World Series locker room – to bring you some tips on how to make it past the velvet rope.

Make Friends
Befriending well-connected unknowns, like wallflower girlfriends or Turtle-equivalents, can be an easy ticket in. “I remember befriending a guy in Mark Wahlberg’s group one year,” Govani says. “Real-life ‘Entourage’ stuff. But don’t act too vampiric. People can smell desperation.”

Arm Candy
You will always look more credible with a beautiful woman on your arm, advises Govani. Take a partner-in-crime on your mission.

Back Door Man
“Look for a side door,” says Rodia. “Find a security guard bored out of his mind in an area that you wouldn’t expect somebody would try to get into.” And walk through that door like you were born to do it.

Dress the Part
“There is no such thing as overdressed,” says Govani. “A slim-cut suit works. Nothing too boxy. That screams 1996.”

Want It
Rodia’s personal mantra: “It’s all about the will to get in.” If you stay focused enough, you will succeed. Besides, he adds, “It’s better to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission.”

Image courtesy of Angela N. on Flickr.


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