Seoul Food: Korean Cuisine in Vancouver

You’re a regular gourmand when it comes to distinguishing maki from sashimi, or gnocchi from tagliatelle. But do you know your bibimbap from your bokkeum? Here, a primer on some highlights of Korean cuisine – and the best places to find them.

Kimchi Jjigae
Kimchi – Korea’s national dish of spicy pickled cabbage – comes with pork and fresh veggies in a flavourful stew, or jjigae.
Eat it at Seoul Dookbaegi, where the soup, a house specialty, is served on your personal burner. 1031 Kingsway, 604-879-1515.

Dolsot Bibimbap (above)
Bibimbap, which means mixed meal, is a mish-mash of rice, preserved veggies and sliced beef; Dolsot means it’s served in a hot stone bowl that cooks the raw egg.
Eat it at Jang Mo Jib, where the trademark chili paste adds a needed kick. 1719 Robson St., 604-642-0712.

Lonely? Dig into this comforting dish of noodles, black bean sauce, diced meat and veggies; it’s how Korean singles celebrate Black Day, a holiday for commiseration among single folks.
Eat it at Book Kyung Ban Jeom, a hole-in-the-wall frequented by solo Korean businessmen. 1638 Robson St., 604-689-3898.

Nakji Bokkeum
In nakji bokkeum, tender baby octopi are stir-fried with veggies in a spicy sauce and served on noodles.
Eat it in the polished, modern digs of Kyung Bok. 143 W. Third St., 604-987-9133.

Jun Gol
Jun Gol, a spicy soup, is prepared with the meat of your choosing, from beef tripe to seafood and everything between.
Eat it at Norboo, where hipsters bop to Korean rap. 1536 Robson St., 604-806-0369.

Image courtesy of avlxyz on Flickr.

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