How to Get Rich, Removing Middle Management, and the Rockstar who Became a Soldier

How the Rich Got RichInc
“Like to emulate the success of others? If wealth is what you’re after, look to an unconventional source for tips: the IRS.”

The Rock ‘n Roll Casualty Who Became a War Herothe New York Times
“Jason Everman has the unique distinction of being the guy who was kicked out of Nirvana and Soundgarden, two rock bands that would sell roughly 100 million records combined.”

Kursk Legacy: Will There Ever Be Another Large Tank Battle? BBC Magazine
It’s 70 years since Kursk, the largest ever tank battle. Will there ever be another battle involving thousands of tanks on each side or has armoured warfare had its day?

The Man Who Changed Fly Fishing ForeverGarden & Gun
“All of Juracsik’s life, it has been this way—as a teenage tool-and-die maker in a Budapest bicycle factory, as a young refugee in New York City, as a metalworker and the designer of perhaps the best-known fly fishing reel in the world, the Billy Pate Reel.”

Crowded Housethe New Yorker
“Everyone wanted in: an administrator for Madewell clothing who was returning from L.A. to be near her widowed mother; a photographer relocating from Berlin with her daughter during a contentious custody battle; a South African cost manager hoping to jump-start her life in a new city; a painter who’d left his girlfriend and needed a place to complete his transformation into a beautiful woman named Nyx. Even the actress Sean Young sought to be Tammaro’s roommate. They couldn’t all rent the apartment, of course. Unless they could!”

The Boss Stops HereNew York Magazine
“But only in recent years have we really seen the ideal of the democratized workplace brought to its logical conclusion: companies that don’t just have fewer managers and bosses but have hardly any bosses at all.”

Gloriously Grotesque 19th Century PipesCollectors Weekly
Sweet, sweet meerschaum, take us away.

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