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Your Favourite Song Was Probably Released When You Were 14

Puberty greatly influences whether you listen to rock and roll, country or hip-hop later in life. Music you listen to as a teenager sets your musical taste as adults, according to an unscientific analysis of Spotify data by the New York Times. Spotify provided information about how frequently songs are … Read More

Men Have Different Expectations Than Women When They Move In Together

Score one for the stereotypes: men are actually less likely to be committed to their partners when they move in together. In a study published in RAND, sociologists Michael Pollard and Kathleen M. Harris found that couples who cohabit show significantly lower levels of commitment than those who are married, … Read More

How a Facebook Comment Ruined a Life, and More

The Facebook Comment that Ruined a Life – Dallas Observer Approximately one hour after Justin Carter posted a sarcastic comment on a Facebook thread, his life began to ­unravel. The first reaction occurred behind the scenes, in another country. The 18-year-old Carter had no way of knowing that, while he … Read More

What the Cossacks are Doing at the Olympics, and More

What the Cossacks Can Do – Grantland “The Cossacks can’t shoot anyone, because they aren’t carrying their guns. They can’t whip anyone, because they aren’t carrying their nagaikas, their horsewhips — leather braids as short and thick as a devil’s tail. They can inflict pain, no doubt; strong men need … Read More

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